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CNG Cylinder


Product Description

CNG Cylinder General Introduction:

1. CYY has been specializing in seamless steel cylinders designing and manufacturing for over ten years, and has gained a good reputation at home and abroad with the support of professional and powerful team.

2. Our gas cylinders are made from superior aluminum alloy 6061 so that they features high strength (No splashing fragment in explosion), lightweight (40% lighter than steel cylinders) and corrosion resistance etc.

3. Our gas cylinders interior and exterior are treated by passivation which can make sure the gases clean, odorless and anticorrosive.

4. CYY production and management are carried out by ISO9000 Quality Management System strictly and keep a good quality.

5. There are various kinds of gas cylinders for your choice and we can also design and manufacture any new type gas cylinder according to customers' requirement.

CNG Cylinder Specification:

Water Capacity:50L

Outside Diameter:232mm

Wall Thickness:5.9mm

Working Pressure:200BAR

Test Pressure:300BAR

Gas Cylinder Length:1460mm

Empty Weight:57kgs/unit

Gas Cylinder Material:34CrMo4

Gas Cylinder Standard:ISO11439



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