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Medium cryogenic air separation plant for Cylinder Refilling


1.Product Description:


1)Medium size cryogenic air separation unit for the production of Liquid and gas phase industrial gases

2)Also available with: 

   Integrated or separate liquefaction system;

   External or internal compression

  • The Very Lastest technology with air or nitrogen liquefaction cycles

  • Purification of argon using cryogenic technology

  • Gas cylinder filling stations can also be equipped

2.CYY ASU Advantages

●Cryogenic technology for high purity Oxygen, Ntrogen and Argon

●High process eficiency

●Remote monitoring and Automated process control

●Modular design(skid mounted)for:O ease of shipment ,O rapid on-site installation, and relocation

●Easy to use control system and simple operation

●Each plant is bult to the highest standard of rliability and eficiency

●Total project responsbility from start to finish

3.Product Details


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