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CYY Energy is a professional manufacturer of gas equipment, such as Air separation plant, PSA/VPSA generator, LNG plant, Cryogenic liquid storage tanks, ISO tanks, Cylinders, Cryogenic pumps, Gas filling stations and gas relevant equipment supplier. We provide the best service obsess over customer's demand. We believe our purpose is to create value for the customer. CYY Energy has advanced technical design ability, mature project management system, consummate and close-in after-sales service. Our production is widely used in steel, metallurgy, oil, chemical industry, machinery, environmental protection, electronic industry, medicine etc. So far, we have successfully delivered more than 50 types of equipment to all around the China, South-East Asia, Middle East, South America and Latin America. We have fostered a good company image all around the world.


To be the complete manufacturer who provide the best, the most dependent on and best product competitiveness Air separation plant, LNG plant, Cryogenic storage equipment. To provide platform for talents to help them to benefit the world by their creationary solution, meanwhile to achieve the respect and honor they deserve.

To be the best gas and engineering corporation.
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  • To Be The Best Gas And Engineering Corporation.
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