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Cylinder valving and devalving machine


Model: JG-II type cylinder valving and devalving machine

  1. Product Parameter:

    Technical Parameter:

    Cylinder clamping mechanism travel


    Vertical drive spindle formation


    Drive motor power


    Drive motor speed


    Spindle speed


    Power supply voltage/frequency


    Working air source pressure


    Applicable cylinder diameter

    Ф180-Ф1 60mm

    Applicable cylinder height

    1100- 1600mm

    Torque sensor range

    0- 500N.m

    Torque sensor accuracy

    <0. 5%FS

  2. Picture:

    Cylinder valving and devalving machine

3.Product Description:

This device is used for loading and unloading valves of various gas cylinders and pouring water. The equipment can achieve the following three functions through the combined action of machinery and electrical appliances: 1. Cylinder unloading valve. 2. Turn over and pour the water. 3. Loading valve. The cylinder valving and devalving machine is specially used for loading and unloading cylinder valves of various cylinders according to the needs of cylinder manufacturing and maintenance work in cylinder manufacturers, cylinder inspection stations, and gas supply stations. The equipment adopts a vertical loading and unloading cylinder valve, and is equipped with a torque sensor to control the tightening force of the bottle valve. The valve loading torque can be freely set by an intelligent digital torque meter, and the current torque is displayed in real time. When the cylinder valve is tightened, it will automatically stop when the torque reaches the set value, which is suitable for loading and unloading of cylinder valves of various specifications.


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