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Filling Manifold


Product Description:

Double-Side Gas Cylinder Manifold for Cutting Machine

1)Quick Detail:

1. Double-side gas cylinder manifold

2. Avoid the stop of gas supply

3. Material: brass


Double-side cylinder manifold adopts dual gas supply structure with a main supply cylinder group and a backup cylinder group.

1>Standard Configuration

1. High pressure hoses are metal hoses, or oxygen cylinder manifold uses red copper pipes, the acetylene cylinder manifold uses chrome plated metal stainless steel pipes.

2. Flashback arrestor at the outlet of the acetylene and propane cylinder manifold.

3. For use of acetylene and propane cylinder manifold, the connecting cylinder rack, T-shaped wrench and adaptor are fitted at the outlet end of the acetylene and propane cylinders.

4. Adopting pressure reducer with large flow.


When the pressure of the main supply cylinder group becomes too low to supply gas, turn off the valve of the main supply cylinder group, and at the same time turn on the valve of the backup cylinder group to start gas supply.

This type of cylinder manifold manually realizes the shift between the main gas supply and the backup one, which can avoid the stop of gas supply.


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