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LIFEGUARD High pressure safety hose


A Flexible “Safety System” for use in the transfer of high pressure gases and liquids. Protect against the hazardous effects of hose rupture, pull-apart and failure. LifeGuard pigtails permit gas users to safely transfer compressed gases or liquids. The pigtail design protects against the hazardous effects of high pressure hose rupture, pull-apart and failure. For safety purposes, Air Liquide and others require this safety hose design in all U.S. fill plants.
All LifeGuardTM designs all utilize the unique, patented and patent pending design eliminates the potential for disaster through the use of an internal cable or engineered compression spring connected to specially designed, normally unseated valves located on each end of the cable or spring. In the event of hose separation, stretching to the point of an unsafe condition or coupling-to-hose separation, the valves are released and instantly seat stopping the flow in both directions.
As for over 50 years, our company has been working with Air Liquide, Praxair, Linde Gas/BOC, and others for more than 25 years – first as Woodland Cryogenics and now as LifeGuard Technologies. In each iteration, we have sought to achieve one objective – constant improvement. We have always believed that excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better and we hope that once you review our products, technology and vision you will agree. We have four global production facilities assembling our patented and patent pending system.






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